Swiss Volhynian Favorite Recipes

Swiss Volhynian Favorite Recipes has been reprinted and is available again. Instead of a DVD included of demonstrations, these are now available by clicking on any below.

To order a copy of the recipe book containing many additional ethnic recipes, send $20 plus $5 postage for each book by check to SMCHA, P.O. Box 93, Moundridge, KS 67107 or by credit card by clicking on the “Order Recipe Book” button below and follow the instructions there. Then enjoy many ethnic recipes with your family and friends.

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Bonne Beroggi preparation

Bohne Beroggi

Neva Kaufman prepares Bohne Beroggi in the Swiss Mennonite tradition.

Kraut & Cheese Beroggi

Nadine Wedel and Shari Durst prepare Kraut & Cheese Beroggi in the Swiss Mennonite Tradition.


Jeanette Wedel prepares Kurivi in the Swiss Mennonite Tradition.

History and Cultivation of Poppy Seed

Lorene Stucky talks about the history and cultivation practices of poppy seed for making Poppy Seed Roll.

Poppy Seed Roll

Lorene Stucky prepares Poppy Seed Roll in the Swiss Mennonite Tradition.