The Evening Program

Versammelung (Gathering)

Eden Mennonite Church
August 14, 1999
7:30 p.m.

Master of Ceremonies, Wynn Goering

The Work is Thine
Hymn No. 396

Greetings from Rep. Jerry Moran

Prairie People: A Kaleidoscope of Images
Rachel Waltner Goossen

Reaping the Harvest: Stories of Struggle, Faith ∓ Joy
John McCabe-Juhnke, Producer-Director
Grant Goering, Neva Kaufman, Jeanette Roberts, Mark Stucky

A Hymn of Heritage
Marles Preheim, Conductor
Soprano Solo: Leona Kaufman; Organ: Eleanor Kaufman
French Horn: Julie Peterson; Trombone: Sam Shilts
Trumpet: Aaron Begnoche, Harry Crabb

For Hopefield Cemetery Directory Building (after expenses)

A Brave New Mennonite World
Gordon D. Kaufman

Oh, Have You Not Heard
Hymn No: 606


Credits & Thanks

Elmer Schrag, President
Arnold M. Wedel, Vice-President
Vernell Kaufman, Secretary
Delbert Goering, Treasurer
Harold Schrag, Executive Trustee

Arnold M. Wedel, Coordinator
Delbert Goering, Treasurer
Mervin Schrag, Secretary
Members: Jacob D. Goering, Rick Krehbiel, Robert E. Krehbiel, Leann Toews, Kirsten Zerger

Eden Mennonite Church
Hopefield Mennonite Church

Moderator:Jacob D. Goering
Presenters:Delbert Goering, James C. Juhnke, James W. Krehbiel, Marlene Krehbiel, Robert E. Krehbiel, Dale R. Schrag, Rynnell Schrag, Harley J. Stucky, Alice Suderman, Leann Toews

Cemetery Tour: Coordinators:Vic Goering, J.O. Schrag
Presenters:NevaBelle Adamson, Martin H. ∓ Evelyn Goering, Melvin Graber, Roland H. Kaufman, Richard Krehbiel, Donna Neufeld, J. O. Schrag, Luke Shilts, N. Paul Stucky, Galen Waltner, Duane Wedel

Refreshments:Leann Toews, Bethel College Women’s Association
Period Farming Demonstrations:Maynard Krehbiel

Coordinators:Geneva Flickner, Jane Gehring
Artists:Mary Albrecht, Lila Bartel, Alice Behile, Mark Flickinger, Geneva Flickner, Molly Flickner, Rollin Flickner, Doug Gehring, Jane Gehring, Dorothy Goering, Felice Goering, Grant Goering, Ellen Groves, Les Groves, Stacy Hall, Chris Hershberger, Ann Krehbiel (dec.), Clint Krehbiel, Olga Schrag Krehbiel (dec.), Sue Krehbiel, Terri Lever, Blair Loganbill, Lu Loganbill, Brandon Nelson, Bertha Preheim (dec.), Marvella Ratzlaff, Jean Regier, Edna Schrag, Elda Schrag, Elmer.Schrag, J. O. Schrag, Mandy Scott, Casey Strausz, Melvin Strausz, Adelia Stucky, Donna Stucky, Erica Stucky, Felix Stucky, Marvin Stucky, Melissa Stucky, Violet Stucky Voran, Elda Waltner (dec.), Orville Waltner, Alma White (dec.), Ann Zerger

Anonymous (2); Citizens State Bank; First Mennonite Church of Christian, Moundridge; Theodore James Goering; Virgil Goering; Ken Stucky Agency; Mennonite Insurance Services, Inc.; Mid-Kansas Credit Union; Waldo Waltner

Robert E. Krehbiel, Sarah Krehbiel, Alyssa Schrag, Crystal Schrag, Kay Schrag, Mervin Schrag, Randy Schrag, Rick Schrag, Sheryl Schrag, Shirley Schrag

Myron Goering, Mark Rupp, Greg Schrag, Harold Schrag, Ben Stucky, Glenn Stucky, Scott Waltner

Floyd Gehring, Marlo Gehring, Dwight M. Goering, Larry Goering, Randy Goering, Ken Preheim, Ransom Stucky, Scott Waltner, Chuck Weber

Steve Graber, Steve Kaufman, Don Knoll, Gary Llamas, Wayne Niehage, Darrell Schrag, Clair Stucky, Jerry Stucky, Dennis Wedel, Randy Wedel, Greg Zerger

Logo ∓ Graphics Design:Gerald “Gary” Gaeddert
Publishing/Printing:Rich Preheim, Rose Haven Printing
Consultant:Eugene Waltner

Eden:Delbert Goering
McPherson:John Pannabecker
Pretty Prairie:Richard Ratzlaff
Burns:Howard Goering
First Mennonite of Christian:Gladys Goering
Hopefield:David D. Schrag
Kingman:Delmar Voran

SCHMECK-ESSEN (Ethnic Meal):
Coordinators:Evelyn Miller, Marjorie Stucky, Kirsten Zerger
Meats:Krehbiel Meats, McPherson
Potatoes:Country Kitchen, Moundridge
Bread:Supercatering, Hesston (recipe from Vernell Kaufman)
Kraut Berrogi:Evelyn Goering, Mabel Goering, Ethel Juhnke, Neva Kaufman, Evelyn Miller, Alice Schrag, Ann Schrag, Harold Schrag, Florine Stucky, Marjorie Stucky, Marvin Stucky, Evelyn Tubbs, Homer Wedel, Marie Wedel, Tillie Zerger ·
Mak Kuchen:Deanne Loganbill, Moundridge
Kitchen Serving Crew:Neva Kaufman, Evelyn Miller, Jesse Nathan, Jonathan Nathan, Josh Nathan, Sandy Nathan, Betty Schrag, Marjorie Stucky
Clean-Up Crew:Donovan Graber; Eden Youth Fellowship

Adapted from interviews by John McCabe-Juhnke with second and third generation descendants of the Swiss Volhynian Immigrants and from the writings of Peter J. Albrecht and James C. Juhnke.


Lyrics, Gladys Graber Goering
Music, Steven Stucky
Sing a song of deep gratitude
To our God, who by his grace,
Led a people through centuries
To this special time and place.
Glad hosannas to you belong,
Joy of the Lord, our strength and song.

Tell the prairies’ welcoming call
Soil rich to the farmer’s hand,
Grasses and sky and spacious fields
Beckoned families to the land,
Promised them freedom to pursue
The peaceful life which once they knew.

Simple homes built on the broad plain,
Church and School as their domain,
Mennonites soon felt richly blest,
Stretching borders east to west,
Children and children’s children grown
Claimed the new land as their own.

One-room schoolhouse and ABC’s
Played a part in wisdom’s call.
Stumbling now with a language strange,
Students soon embraced it all.
Learning continued through the years
Pointing the way to new careers.

Caring families eased the way
Through the stresses of each day
Dust and storm, depression and fears,
Conscience and war, conflicts and tears,
As generations moved along,
Anchored safe in families strong.

Sing a song of Our heritage,
Home and church and values true,
Faith enduring, foundation firm,
Building blocks on which we grew.
God of the ages, help us, pray,
Increase the good gifts of today.

SAENGER FEST (Massed choir)

Ellen Bates
Rita F. Graber
Helen Flickinger
Elaine Goering
Lois Graber
Bernie Huxman
Leona Kaufman
Marilyn Preheim
Ruth Roebke
Donna Schrag
Alice Schrag
Candace Unrau
Carolyn Voran
Janine Wedel
Suzanne Wedel

Danielle Goering
Dorothy Goering
Florine Krehbiel
Cheri L. Kaufman
Evelyn Lehman
Norma Preheim
Carol Siemens
Luella Stahly
NNancy Stucky
Mildred Voran
Tillie Zerger

Wayne Goering
Jane Kaufman
Steve Kaufman
Bob Krehbiel
Joe Schrag
Dave Stucky
Myron Voran
Homer Wedel
Eldon Zerger

Howard Kaufman
Max Voran
Omar Voran
Mel Flickinger
Marvin Graber
Rick Krehbiel
Robert Bates
John M. Suderman
Lloyd Goering
Harold W. Schrag
Phil W. Stucky
Homer D. Goering
Del Kaufman
Jim Juhnke
DeLayne Graber