The Afternoon Program

Swiss Fest

Hopefield Mennonite Church

August 14, 1999

2:30 p.m.

Welcome: Elmer Schrag, President, Swiss Mennonite Cultural ∓ Historical Association

Invocation: Rev. Ed R. Stucky

Emigration song: Eden Men’s Chorus (recorded)

Panel: Ten Windows on 125 Years in the United States

Jacob D. Goering, Moderator

Presenters in order of appearance: Delbert Goering, Marlene Krehbiel, Rynnell Schrag,
Alice Suderman, James W. Krehbiel, Harley J. Stucky, Leann Toews, James C. Juhnke,
Robert E. Krehbiel, Dale R. Schrag.

Closing Hymn: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (Grosser Gott, Wir Loben Dich)

Talking Cemetery

1:45 – 2:15 p.m. ∓ 4:15 – 4:45 p.m.

Coordinators: Vic Goering ∓ J. O. Schrag

1:45 p.m. PIONEER
Daniel Schrag (1842 – 1903)
Peter C Graber (1827 – 1903)
Johann Krehbiel (1829 – 1889)
Jacob B. Wedel (1825 – 1914)
Andreas Flickner (1824 – 1889)
J. O. Schrag
Melvin Graber
Richard Krehbiel
Duane Wedel
Roland H. Kaufman
4:15 p.m.
Rev. Napoleon Kaufman (1862 – 1929)
Rev. Jacob D. Goering (1830 – 1915)
Rev. Peter Stucky (1849 – 1915)
Jacob Zerger (1825 – 1913)
Andreas Waltner (1841 – 1925)
Donna Neufeld, NevaBelle Adamson
Martin H. ∓ Evelyn Goering
N. Paul Stucky
Luke Shilts
Galen Waltner

Emigration Song
Composed on July 30, 1874, by Elder Jacob Stucky of the
Mennonite Church at Kotosufka, Wolhynien, Volhynian,
Russia. Translated in May, 1959

Our journey to an unknown land
We start, with Gods Almighty hand.
Have mercy Lord, to Thee we pray
Show us Thy goodness on our ways

Thou hast, Oh Lord, though all these years
Saved us from many anxious fears
From swords and wars and evil ways
Protected us through nights and days

If by Thy wisdom Thou willst show
What seemeth best, where we shall go.
For this we too shall bring Thee praise
In thankfulness our voices raise.

Is it Thy will? Shall it so be?
To leave, and go across the sea?
So Lord, our will shall be Thine ow
And dwell with Thee for evermore

For conscience sake we go from here
Leave house and land, possessions dear,
Where by Thy grace we all were fed
That they may serve Thee every day.

From fire, pestilence, and flood
Thou hast protected us Oh God.
From early death hast saved us too;
The holier things they will disown.

In this we see Thy bounteous grace,
If Thou willst lead us from this place.
From Russia’s Empire make us free
Until America we see.

The Russian leaders were not close
And dealt according as they chose;
If they advantage only get
Keep us until our journey’s through.

‘Tis then when truth has been left out
The poor are wronged without a doubt;
Since oft declined the rights and laws
And naught can rise against Thy will.

For the officials we do pray
That they may learn to know Thy way;
Oh give them grace that they may see
Thee as their judge, this is our plea.

Thee, precious Saviour, we adore;
We praise and thank Thee evermore.
We know against Your mighty arm,
No enemy can do us harm.

What Thou hast planned, so will it be,
in spite of foes opposing Thee;
All mockery, ridicule, deceit
Can never cause Thy work defeat.

For friends like these, we pray to You,
Who wished us well, who helped us through,
As long as we, yes, every day
We were permitted, here to stay.

We’ll go the way which Thou hast shown.
Show them Thy mercy constantly;
Let them each day Thy blessings see,
Until their earthly journey’s o’er

For daily need Thou gavest bread
Should there be those who have not heard
The saving message in Thy Word;
Give them the joy, show them the way

Thy grace was every morning new.
Hypocrisy is wrong to Thee,
However nice their words might be;
To love their neighbor is unknown;

This our desire, we bring to Thee.
Now, Lord, lead Thou us by Thy hand
To the already chosen land;
While traveling, our companion be,

It was to them the least regret.
Also, while on the sea we sail,
Thy grace and mercy shall not fail;
Lead safely us; our families too;

It only can much hardship cause.
Should storms arise or waves beat high,
We know our God is always nigh;
At Thy command the wind is still

Thy rod and staff will comfort give,
In the new land, while we yet live;
So lead us on till life is o’er
Where we will praise Thee evermore.