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Martin H. Schrag

Martin H. Schrag 1919-2002 was reared to be a farmer. Although, he farmed his way through college, after college he left the farm, but the farm never left him. He loved to come back home. He attended a country school within one half mile of his home and on the same section of land on which his grandparents settled in 1874. Martin was left handed. At that time, it was not considered to be an asset. High school, although uneventful, left one mark on Martin. He sustained a football injury of a broken nose. After a one year health (eye condition) draft deferment he graduated from Bethel College as senior class president with a BA degree. He was a late bloomer, by his own admission, "I never studied till I got to the Seminary." As is often the case, world conditions beyond one's control shapes one's life. Martin faced a national draft and WW2. From 1942-46 he served in several CPS camps. 1946-49 he did relief work in India. 8-1-49 to 10-1-49 he served in Indonesia, all work was under MCC. Post graduate education included a B.D. from Bethany Seminary, Th.M Eastern Baptist Seminary, Ph.D Temple University. Upon Martin's retirement one student, Terry Brensinger said this about professor Martin, "When I came to Messiah as a student in 1973 I never had never heard the word Anabaptist." Among his writings which included many short articles, one on the life of his uncle Andrew D. Schrag. The book often associated with Martin is, The European History of the Swiss Mennonite from Volhynia. Another book, co-authored with John K Stoner, The Ministry of Reconciliation. Martin's last book, which was at the printers at the time of his passing, is Christian Lesher: 1900 Century Bishop. Because of their belief in the Anabaptist view and as an honor to Martin and his wife Dorothy, a yearly Schrag Lecture Series has now been established at Messiah College.

- John O. Schrag

John O. Schrag is the brother of Martin H. Schrag

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