Swiss Mennonite Memorial Site

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The Swiss Mennonite Memorial Site was constructed just before the 100th anniversary celebration. From Moundridge, Kansas the site is located four miles west on county road 451 (Arrowhead Road) and 1/2 mi. north, near the Hopefield Mennonite Chruch.

The major components of the site are 3 masonry walls, one to the north, one to the west and one to the south, each with a brass plaque. To the east is the site of the original immigrant house. In the center of the walls is a masonry pillar with a metal spherical sculpture representing the Earth with a cross above. On each of the four sides of the central pillar are brass plaques.

The Plaques
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plaque 5 plaque 6 plaque 7
plaque 1 plaque 2 plaque 3 plaque 4

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