Features and Articles of Interest

MonthArticle Title
March 10, 2019 Annual MeetingSpeaker Dr. Kip Wedel, “Wrong Kingdom: Why Anabaptists are Suspicious of American Civil Religion.” Listen to audio
October 18, 2018Banquet – Don and Joanne Siegrist, “Anabaptist History: Trachselwald Castle and Events in Emmental” read pdf see video
October 2018Bernese Anabaptist History: a short chronological outline 1525-2018 See chart
March 11, 2018Annual Meeting at Pretty Prairie Mennonite – Rev. Kathy Goering Reid “Schweitzer Culture and Peace in Our Homes” Read pdf
October 26, 2017Banquet at Eden Mennonite, Dale Schrag, “Searching for a Usable Past”

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August 2017Freeman, SD & Henderson, NE trip report
March 12 2017
Annual Meeting – Curt Goering from Center for Victims of Torture at First Mennonite, Newton KS
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September 2016Banquet – Susan K Goering – “One Mennonite Woman’s Journey for Race Equity and Justice” at Faith Mennonite
Read pdf See photo
May 2016The Growth and Decline of the Alta Community: A Case Study of Dead and Dying Towns in Kansas ~ by Renae Stucky
October 29, 2015
Common Threads: Anabaptist and African American Songs and Stories of Suffering and Hope” – Tony Brown, John Sharp, Ken Rodgers
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March 2014Remembering the Murdock Mill Read pdf
Banquet November 11, 2014Jeff Koller “The Importance of Telling the Story” Read pdf
October 2014A view of Swiss Volhynian Mennonites from interviews by Jason Holcomb
March 9 2014Annual meeting at Halstead Mennonite Church. Scholarship recipients. Read pdf
November 2013Dave Ortman notes and slides – “Time Travel Schweitzer Style – More Research Needed”
August 29, 2013Banquet at Whitestone, David Ortman, “What Research Possibilities?”
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March 10, 2013March 10, 2013 Annual Meeting at First Mennonite, McPherson, Marlene Krehbiel, “John J. Stucky 1898-1928”
The Diary of John J. Stucky

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February 2013Catlin Speeches by James Juhnke and Alan Stucky
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October 21, 2012Presentation at Eden Mennonite Church, James Juhnke,“Ambivalent Celebration: Kansas Mennonites and the Bicentennial of 1976”

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October 18, 2012Banquet at First Mennonite Church, Newton, Rich Preheim, “Three Kingdoms: Origins of the Schweitzer Missionary Impulse.” Read pdf
Three Kingdoms by Rich Preheim
June 2012
Immigrant Story-Children Buried at Catlin Cemetery
April 2012
Face Lift At the Mennonite Marker
March 11, 2012Life and Ministry of Elder Valentine J. Krehbiel of First Mennonite Church of Christian By David Habegger

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January 2012
Indians and Boa Constrictors: The Making of a Swiss Volhynian Community in the Dakota Territory – Benjamin Waltner Goossen
October 2011
Banquet at West Zion, Gary Waltner, “History of the European Roots of Kansas and South Dakota Schweitzers Before the Russian Sojourn”
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March 20, 2011Annual Meeting at Eden. Rosemary Fisher “Exploring Early Moundridge Through Photographs” Read pdf
The Tragedy on Kisiwa Creek
Schweitzer Land
January 2008
Tribute to Don Schrag
December 2008
Ordination of Pastor Gail Graber
Annual Banquet at Eden Mennonite November 6, 2008S. Roy Kaufman “From Swiss Volhynia Amish to South Dakota Mennonite: An Unexpected Transformation”.
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March 2008
A memorial to Oswald H. “Ozzie” Goering
September 2007
A memorial to Arthur D. “Art” Goering
July 2007
July 2007 Monthly Feature,Thoughts on the life of Leona (Wedel) Krehbiel – Rich Ratzlaff
March 2007
Devotions for SHMCA Sunday March 11, 2007 – Gail Graber
January 2007
The Story of the Schweitzers who stayed behind in Ukraine in 1874 By James W. Krehbiel
November 2006
January 2006
Harley J. Stucky, July 26, 1920 – November 11, 2005
December 2005
Orlo Kaufman Memorial Service
November 2005
October 2005
Queer People – Dorothy Thompson
August 2005
The Swiss Mennonite Heritage: Cheese-Makers and Wheat-Growers, or Peace-Builders and People of Courage by Kirsten Zerger at Bethel College
June 2005
The Pastor Lee Lever Story
May 2005
The Galen Flickner Story
February 2005
“The Perils of Conscientious Objection: An Oral History Study of a 1944 Event”
January 2005
The Edwin J. Schrag story
December 2004
The Death of Gerhard Stucky
November 2004
The near lynching of John Schrag
September 2004
Steven Stucky, world renowned composer from Pretty Prairie, Kansas
August 2004
“The Migration of the Russian-Germans to Kansas: Part 4: Impact of the Russian-Germans Upon Kansas
July 2004
“The Migration of the Russian-Germans to Kansas: Part 3: “Settling In”
June 2004
“The Migration of the Russian-Germans to Kansas: Part 2: The Mennonites Arrive in Kansas
May 2004
“The Migration of the Russian-Germans to Kansas: Part 1: The Russian Background
March 2004
Curt Goering on Human Rights: Convocation Speech at Bethel College
August 2003
Walter W. “Sprig” Graber, a man for all seasons
June 2003
The Mennonite Rider
May 2003
Mennonites and Amish Identities among the Swiss Volhynian’s in Europe
April 2003
Joseph’s Coat by Wynn Goering
March 2003
Just Which Swiss Volhynian Families Were Originally Amish And Which Were Not? by James W. Krehbiel
January 2003
Pioneer Days in Dakota and Kansas: A Difference by James W. Krehbiel
December 2002
The life and times of Dale Marlo Stucky
December 2002
The Andrew D. Schrag Story
November 2002
October 2002
The Martin H. Schrag Story
September 2002
Will Ortman’s original oratorio, “Jesus the Man, the Christ”
August 2002
An intricate bond few other sisters could share
January 2002
The German Heritage of Kansas: An Introduction by William D. Keel, Univ of KS
December 2001
Congressional Record Sept 8, 1999 “Celebrating the 125th anniv. of arrival of Mennonites in America by Jerry Moran of KS and John R. Thune of SD
August 2001
R.C. Kauffman
A Critical Evaluation of Ourselves
From 75th Anniversary celebration

July 2001
The Josua & Freni Stucky Zerger Story
1980Reuben Goertz
Some in German
Listen to the audio

Article in Kansas Historical Society 1977 https://www.kshs.org/p/kansas-historical-quarterly-mob-violence-and-kansas-mennonites-in-1918/13278
by James C. Juhnke
1974A Study Guide of the Swiss Mennonites who came to America in 1874 Read pdf